Monday, January 5, 2009

Our Little Clotheshorse

I was just going to post a few pictures of Madeline with all the different hats and things that she puts on her head. But as I went through my pictures I remembered that she just loves changing her daily wear in general. This is such a fun age. I never know what I'm going to turn around to find--she is constantly bedecking herself! These pictures were all taken in December. Have a look.

In case you can't tell, she has a shirt and two pairs of pants pulled onto her right leg--over her green pants. And she was making plans with that shirt and a pair of pants in each hand.

Bowl on head.

One day after church.

Once her head is covered, she makes sure her baby's head is also covered.

I came in once to get her up from her nap, and found her like this, with her pants on her head.

Same day as above, but again pantless and with a new hat on her head. [Incidentally, that's not a cigarette in her mouth. Its a clothespin. Which, by the way, are dangerous and cause pinching. :( Never let your kid play with them.]

OK, this one is not technically about clothing. But one day she walked around with her play cell phone up to her ear for about 30 minutes. Straight! There was no break there. I thought I'd spare you, but I do have about 10 pics documenting this event.

Christmas morning. She had to have a bow on her head, and would not let go of the Teddy Grahams from her stocking for anything.

Later on Christmas morning, with her new hat, gloves and slippers. All from the 25c sale, mind you. More on that later.

She finally got to Daddy's ties. I've been wondering when she would find those.

I think these two pictures portray my favorite finding. Four of my headbands on her head, along with a Baby Bloom. Isn't it great how she has two put on from the back? Its all very outer space-like.


jen said...

How fun! It's so great to see someone else going through the same stage as Edana. Sometimes I wonder about her.. :). She is such a doll! Every photo I looked at I kept saying, "She looks so much like Edana!" They really do look so similar. It just further verfies that they were made to be cousins! :)Oh and the phone thing, is she starting to copy conversations you have yourself on the phone? That's the new one for us.

Paige said...

The headbands are great- How come your one year old can get herself dressed but my 3 year old can't? Someones being tricked here...

mamasuisse said...

She is so cute! Little girls are awesome. They love to dress and dress and dress. It makes quite a mess, but is so cute, at least when they're little.