Tuesday, January 27, 2009


That's what Maddie calls them. Have you seen these things?? Normally, I don't think twice about dinosaurs in any form. But our friend won tickets on the radio for "Walking With Dinosaurs", so we went and I must admit I'm glad we did! The creators did an incredible job with these dinosaurs. They are huge and so life-like. They actually move just like you'd imagine they would if they were alive--not jerky or anything. You can't really see it, but I outlined the dino on the picture in yellow, and the paleontologist in pink to distinguish size differences.

And I loved their set. The flowers and plants that surrounded the stage were just blow ups that went up then down, as the passing of time was depicted. I loved their bright colors.

Not the best pics, but you get an idea of the stage and the size when compared to the paleontologist (who also narrates). Very cool. If your friend wins tickets, you should go too!

Since Madeline got in free, and Ray was not able to go, we brought Ethan along. I was impressed with how much he knew about dinosaurs. I thought he was only into superheros. Turns out I was wrong.

Following are two video clips for further illustration. The first one's about 40 seconds, and the second is about 3 minutes. Watch these and be amazed that Maddie wasn't scared by any of it! Not by their LOUD, ferocious roaring or anything. She's quite the brave little one!


debi said...

wowzers. i wanna go

janelle said...

that looks awesome. Can you imagine steering one of those yourself? yikes.

Wendy said...

That does look like a cool show. Thank you for taking Ethan he had such a great time! He still talks about the one that flew and how he could see his strings, so he knew it wasn't really flying.

mamasuisse said...

That looks so cool! Did T-rex ever get to eat anything?

Maddie is a tough chica. It reminds me of my niece, Emma, whose favorite movie was Jurassic Park. She was so fascinated with the dinosaurs that she had no idea she was supposed to be scared of them.