Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Santa Who?

I've never given much thought to Santa Claus. I mean, he's nice enough, I guess, but I just personally don't get into the guy. Growing up, my mom would always have one gift for us from Santa on Christmas, but we all knew it was from her. I don't remember believing in Santa OR learning that he was not real. I don't even have any Christmas decor depicting Santa.

So you can imagine my surprise when Madeline really took to the guy this year. I don't know where she learned so much about him, but suddenly she's pointing to Santa here and Santa there. And, sure enough, he's EVERYWHERE! I had been wondering a few months ago if we should do the whole Santa thing with Maddie, but had been leaning towards not. Until now. I guess Maddie made the decision for me.

Her latest thing has been learning the song "Santa Claus is Coming To Town". So when I received the gift of the Andrea Bocelli "White Christmas" CD a few weeks ago, Maddie made me repeat that song over and over again. I'll admit the song has grown on me, but especially when Maddie sings along with it, or on her own.

Following are three (very cute) renditions of the song by Maddie, in five-day increments.

This first clip is 2:21 long.

This one's short--:39. Please note where she acts out the "sleeping" part at :20. Also note the "Santa Claus is coming by"--she made it rhyme when she shortened the song. Clever!

This one's 2:41. I have to explain that Maddie insisted I film her singing this song along with Andrea on the CD. I really just wanted her to eat her breakfast. So when you hear me insisting, know that I was not trying to do a Jonbenet sort of thing--it really was her idea.

Favorite parts are at :47 when she excuses herself, and 2:18 when she finally gets her yogurt back and then proceeds to fold her arms to wait for the prayer. I love that this is caught on video, because it could be the first time she's wanted to eat but patiently folded her arms instead! I love it.

Also, I didn't get through the entire song, but at the end Andrea asks the children's chorus "Who's coming?" and then they sing "Santa Claus...". Maddie lately says, "Mommy, who's coming?" and waits for me to sing "Santa Claus...". So cute.

I'll take this occasion to admit that I have stooped to using Maddie's new-found knowledge against her. About three times now I've found myself saying things like, "Maddie, you'd better not cry: Santa Claus is coming to town!" or "Maddie, he's going to find out who's naughty or nice...!" Bribery. Works every time, too.

One time, soon after she first learned the song, out of the blue Maddie said "Mama, I'm not bad." And of course I freak out inside, saying "Of course you're not bad, Maddie", all the while thinking "Where did she get THAT??!!" And then a week later it clicked..."He knows if you've been bad or good..." Sheesh.