Sunday, May 16, 2010

Look Who's Three

This post is a long-overdue response to Megan S's request for me to post recent pics of Maddie. I've been a little busy and haven't captured my sweet girl's growth over the months.

I left out as many pictures as I could for this post, but sorry--there's a lot! It's just that 1)she's way too cute, and 2)this is for posterity's sake after all. So I gotta. Please enjoy. (I sure have!)

December 22 -- We created a friend out back. He stayed for weeks. December 25 -- Look what Grandpa Ed and Grandma Norma gave Maddie for Christmas! Go Broncos! January 15 -- True to my word, we began potty training on January 1st. It has been as rough as I expected (but no doubt it was probably that rough BECAUSE I expected it to be). Accidents seem to be increasing in frequency, so exactly last Wednesday, out of sheer desperation, I started the "Potty Pill Program". I hate the concept of buying a kid with candy, but boy is it working. WHY did I fight it?? My favorite part of the rules (and the reason I think this program actually works) is that she gets one potty pill (M&M or jelly bean) every time she goes in the potty. But if she goes in her pants, me or Ray get TWO potty pills. She hasn't had an accident yet on this new program! She's always been sort of territorial with her food. I guess I finally found her Achilles heel...and should have tried this much sooner. February 4 -- Maddie has the best curls which makes for a fantastic pony tail(s). February 11 -- Maddie in my pioneer-wear. I am currently helping to plan yet ANOTHER handcart trek. This time for the stake. I am also the tambourinist in the trek band (so cool) AND Maddie and I are learning the harmonica. Let me say that is one of the LEAST annoying instruments I've ever heard a kid playing. She sounded good from the first time she blew in it. Looking for a fun, non-annoying instrument to get a kid? Get a harmonica. I promise, you won't regret it. February 17 -- So pinkish. February 22 -- And yellowish. February 28 -- Could be the best bed-head I've ever seen. March 20 -- Maddie with her friend Andrew. Andrew's mom Kara and little brother Matthew. March 22 -- Maddie and friend William. William's mom gave birth to a new baby brother, so we got to have a sleepover. They were so cute together, brushing their teeth, etc. March 24 -- Love these pics. Love her outfit. Love her personality! April 2 -- Making Italian Braid Cookies with Emmy and Susan Filkins. I was enchanted until we had to frost the cookies that we had just spent all that time braiding! Totally hides the beautiful art! But still fun. April 4 -- Easter Check out the cool, completely edible Easter bonnet that Gwen made. April 13 -- Playgroup Birthday Party for April birthdays April 22 -- Maddie's actual 3rd Birthday. Played with her friend, Lizzie, in the morning. And ate good stuff at Dairy Queen in the evening with Mom. Dad was out of town. May 6 -- Representation of the plethora of vehicles Maddie can choose from to ride. She's Daddy's Girl for sure. May 8 -- Helping Dad out in the shop. May 10 -- I just love her boots. That's all. That and the downed vehicles on the far side of the deck!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Weekend

[Ray and Maddie on Christmas Day, 2009]

Ray. He's great. He came home Friday after work and said, "Instead of Mother's Day, how about having Mother's Weekend instead? Why limit it to just one day?"

??? (Whoah--where did that come from? But um, OK!)

So from Friday night on Ray put his ideas and opinions on the shelf and I made the decisions. We could do whatever I wanted for the most part and dictate what Ray did with his free time. Problem is, I often freeze up when such freedom comes to me. I SO can't think on the spot, and I even had a whole weekend to do so!

And sometimes I can be just too practical. Why did I feel like I had to keep getting things done? I wished I had taken him up on his spontaneous idea to go camping that night. I wished I had thought to have him take me on a shopping spree. Why didn't I ask to have 5 hours straight--off--away--by myself?! I don't know for sure.

I still teamed with him in the cooking and in caring for our child, etc. But I just gotta say how great it was that I got the whole weekend and not just the day to be guilt-free and have and do whatever I wanted. It's sure nice to feel spoiled sometimes, and get to brag about it. Lucky me!