Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Weekend

[Ray and Maddie on Christmas Day, 2009]

Ray. He's great. He came home Friday after work and said, "Instead of Mother's Day, how about having Mother's Weekend instead? Why limit it to just one day?"

??? (Whoah--where did that come from? But um, OK!)

So from Friday night on Ray put his ideas and opinions on the shelf and I made the decisions. We could do whatever I wanted for the most part and dictate what Ray did with his free time. Problem is, I often freeze up when such freedom comes to me. I SO can't think on the spot, and I even had a whole weekend to do so!

And sometimes I can be just too practical. Why did I feel like I had to keep getting things done? I wished I had taken him up on his spontaneous idea to go camping that night. I wished I had thought to have him take me on a shopping spree. Why didn't I ask to have 5 hours straight--off--away--by myself?! I don't know for sure.

I still teamed with him in the cooking and in caring for our child, etc. But I just gotta say how great it was that I got the whole weekend and not just the day to be guilt-free and have and do whatever I wanted. It's sure nice to feel spoiled sometimes, and get to brag about it. Lucky me!


Janell said...

Sounds like a great weekend. I thought about you on your birthday, but I'm sorry I didn't write or call. Glad to see you have not given up blogging for good!

Julie said...

Yay! So excited to see a post from you in my Google Reader. You have a nice hubby.