Sunday, August 24, 2008

What's Up?

I know, I know. WHAT is going on with Amelia and the adoption?? Well, we finally have a court hearing set for September 3rd, which is so exciting!!!

I have hestitated to share the great news because things are so up and down in this situation. Too much (and some too personal) to share on the public blog. Just know that her birth mom has indicated some hesitation in the current plan. Not a lot, but enough to get us worried. Its been so much of an emotional rollercoaster. I'm not going to go into the details, but anyway, just know that we are currently set to become Amelia's legal parents on 9/3, if things go like we hope they do. Please send prayers and thoughts our way--or more importantly: Amelia's mom's way. Sorry if this post is mysterious, but at least you have a date to look forward to now!

I'll end this post on a happy "love of the garden hose" note. Forget the fancy cool kid sprinklers that shoot balls up into the air. Forget even the blow-up wading pools. For now, just give her a hose with water coming out and Amelia is set for the day! Between hoses and ice (pronounced "ieeeeeeee"), that's all that is needed to make her happy.

This one's funny! I think she has some grass stuck on her hand:

We just love her.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Crazy Eyes

When asked, Amelia does "Crazy Eyes". It gives us all a real chuckle. She lowers her chin and looks at you out from under furrowed eyebrows. Kind of the "what you talkin' 'bout, Willis?" look. Then she smiles really big.

In North Carolina, she would do it for waiters at restaurants and they would go get their co-workers and bring them back so they could see her do it too. So hilarious.

The photos above sort of capture it, but its nothing like seeing it in person. She usually furrows and lowers a lot more than what is captured in the first picture. Not sure why we haven't tried to film her doing it yet. We'd better before she moves on to a new trick!

We also like putting these Baby Blooms (get them here!) in her hair, so that we don't have to correct people by saying that she's a girl. I can't tell you how many times people say how cute he is, even when she's wearing pink!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Sweet Baby Ray

Happy 36th Birthday!

From camera shy... all-out fun.
That's my babe, Ray. Thanks for making the last six years the best of my life!! You are one of a kind, and you are all mine.

Love, Me

Thursday, August 14, 2008

North Carolina

We went to North Carolina last week for Tamara (Ray's sister) and David's wedding. The truck pictured was sitting on the side of the road, looking so picture-worthy. I don't know a thing about it, but Ray could probably tell you the year, make and model, along with a few other details. Too bad he doesn't blog. ;)

It was a lot of fun to see most of Ray's family. Only 3 of the 15 children were not present. That's the largest gathering since our wedding, 6 years ago, when ALL 15 were actually there.

Tamara and David are really into cool cars--I believe they own 7--and so had a car-themed wedding. There were model cars in all the decor and even on top of the wedding cake in place of the traditional bride and groom figurines. It was fun. They also served great food catered by Fatz, a restaurant found back east.

Here is the wedding party:

Alex and Jennifer, two of Debi's children with Grandma Loneta:

Two of Ray's sisters, Michelle and Elizabeth:

12 of the 15 children of Ben and Loneta, in order by age. And just to prove that I do have everyone's names and age-order down, they are: Jessica, (Austin missing), John, Tamara (would be here if she weren't the beautiful bride in the middle), Cathy, (Anna missing), Danny, (Martha missing), Ray (my hunk), Elizabeth, Michelle, Becky, Debi, Jim, Ben. Amazing, huh? No multiple births, and none were adopted (though they do like to joke about that with a few!)

The Three Musketeers:

I love this one: the immediate family all laughing at someone's joke! This picture is so fitting because this family is so fun. They are always teasing each other and/or thinking of witty and clever jokes. Good times!

Everyone and the spouses who could come:

Again, it was so nice to be with everyone, even though our time was short. Loneta, I haven't forgotten that I need to send you these photos, and I will!

Our little family: