Thursday, August 14, 2008

North Carolina

We went to North Carolina last week for Tamara (Ray's sister) and David's wedding. The truck pictured was sitting on the side of the road, looking so picture-worthy. I don't know a thing about it, but Ray could probably tell you the year, make and model, along with a few other details. Too bad he doesn't blog. ;)

It was a lot of fun to see most of Ray's family. Only 3 of the 15 children were not present. That's the largest gathering since our wedding, 6 years ago, when ALL 15 were actually there.

Tamara and David are really into cool cars--I believe they own 7--and so had a car-themed wedding. There were model cars in all the decor and even on top of the wedding cake in place of the traditional bride and groom figurines. It was fun. They also served great food catered by Fatz, a restaurant found back east.

Here is the wedding party:

Alex and Jennifer, two of Debi's children with Grandma Loneta:

Two of Ray's sisters, Michelle and Elizabeth:

12 of the 15 children of Ben and Loneta, in order by age. And just to prove that I do have everyone's names and age-order down, they are: Jessica, (Austin missing), John, Tamara (would be here if she weren't the beautiful bride in the middle), Cathy, (Anna missing), Danny, (Martha missing), Ray (my hunk), Elizabeth, Michelle, Becky, Debi, Jim, Ben. Amazing, huh? No multiple births, and none were adopted (though they do like to joke about that with a few!)

The Three Musketeers:

I love this one: the immediate family all laughing at someone's joke! This picture is so fitting because this family is so fun. They are always teasing each other and/or thinking of witty and clever jokes. Good times!

Everyone and the spouses who could come:

Again, it was so nice to be with everyone, even though our time was short. Loneta, I haven't forgotten that I need to send you these photos, and I will!

Our little family:


Paige said...

Cute family pic! So you said no multiple births, but what about multiple wives? Aren't there some polyg colonies in Idaho? That woman's uterus should be a national treasure.

Wendy said...

Love the family pic of you guys. A looks so cute. Loved the pic of Rays family cracking up.

Nortorious said...

Fabulous top hat.

Dot said...

Congratulations Courtney!
Gorgeous family!
You know, I'm also adopted so I think it's great you adopted!

Love ya!