Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Eve Delights

It was a fun and funny Christmas Eve this year. Following is a slideshow.

It was fun to see Maddie eating dinner at the "Kids' Table". A first for her.

Gotta love her shirt! Can't read it? It says, "Dear Santa: Define Good." It so applies!!

It was funny to watch her try to put Max to sleep.

Here are the cousins, preparing to act out the nativity. Pool sticks for shepherd's crooks. Awesome.

The cutest of the shepherds.

Littlest shepherd throwing tantrum because Mary wouldn't let her take the Baby Jesus from the manger. She must have known that Baby was special, because the "sub" she was handed was not acceptable.

After the Nativity re-enactment, it is common for our family to then have a talent show and/or singalong. Ethan was the first act--doing magic tricks.

And one of the final acts was Rachel dancing with Oliver accompanying. It was one of those moments in life where you can't believe how lucky you were that you decided to film it. I love how both babies try to steal the show! (I sure hope I can figure out how to get this to upload!) Here is the YouTube link for now:


debi said...

How darling!!!!

mamasuisse said...

She is definitely the cutest shepherd and obviously very smart to accept no substitutions.

Nortorious said...

That wise man's fur is fabulous! Is it a tiger?

Wendy said...

Ok, I dare say that Maddie was the cutest little sheperd. And Ethan was second cutest. :)

That video is hilarious. I'm so glad you got it. I love Jared. And then I love how Maddie comes in with the car - hopping along. Sooooo funny. Next time we're together maybe I can help you put it onto your blog.