Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mad TV

That's what I like to call this.

The best $99 I've spent on a baby accessory.

Madeline is the world's lightest sleeper. I can't go in to check on her without arousing the little busy-body. I can't quietly reassure myself that no, she really wasn't choking after all. Or, did she ever even fall asleep?? You know, those questions we parents have. If I enter her room after she's been put down for a nap, but before she's actually had one, or if she's already asleep, its all over. She'll want to get up right then, even if she's only slept for a few minutes! I'm telling you, she doesn't stop. (We'll not talk about how the neighbor girl is "really no longer interested" in babysitting her. -Sigh- Maddie. Doesn't. Stop. Ever. I know, I know, she's just doing her job!)

But anyway, its so fun to watch her while she sleeps or afterwards when she wakes up and plays in her crib, via the monitor. My friend tells me that now I'll be able to check up on her this way for at least another 8 years. Instead of a Nanny Cam, its a Kid Cam. Awesome.

So where was this, my intrusive, spying device, the other day when Maddie took it upon herself to "change" her poopy diaper herself, while still in her crib? Where was it when she then smeared the poop ALLL OOOOVER her crib, and its contents?? In a room upstairs, far away from me. This Kid Cam only works if you check it every 2 minutes instead of every 15 or so, like I'd been doing.

Moral of the story, if you have a little person that needs extra tracking, suck it up and invest in the $180 Kid Cam that has the portable monitor. That way you can easily take it to the basement with you. Can you believe it costs that much more?? So pricey, but I imagine its worth every penny.

[Babies R Us, you can pay me later for this free advertisement.]
Here she is with her tights on her head, post-church. This is a preview for the next post, which will be entitled "Head Gear".


Paige said...

Holy cuteness. I'm guessing the poop part wasn't as cute. I want one of those for my 3 girls in one room. Oh wait, I don't want to know but can already HEAR everything they are doing (fighting.)

Nortorious said...

We are raising the same child. We refer to those poop incidents as "monkey incidents." And they are DISGUSTING.