Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Yes, Deere

One of the things Ray and I never acquired when we were newly wed was a set of dishes. I just never found the right ones (though I didn't look that hard) and Ray had some left from his bachelor days. He leaned toward using his "perfectly good" dishes, and since we had already had an argument about an $8 cheese plane I'd come home with, I just went with it.

Pictured here is what was once our $8 source of strife, which we chuckle about now.

But back to the plates. Everytime I load/unload the dishwasher, or pull one of these puppies out of the cupboard, I cringe. They rub me wrong in every way. And while I know they're functional and mostly do what they're supposed to (hold our food), they don't help me with my inner aesthetics in any way. They cause me grief on a daily basis. I'm convinced they make my food taste worse. Is that possible, because I believe it is!?

Can you see why? These plates had no business being made for several reasons. Turquoise and pink? The designs? Just my opinion...

The other night we had some new friends coming to dinner, and I just couldn't bring myself to set out these plates. But paper plates didn't seem right either. So I broke my silence and complained about our plates. Ray said, "I have some plates we can use out in the garage!" In he walks with these, a set of John Deere dishes that he got on clearance at Fred Meyer about 4 years ago. I was always under the impression that he was going to give them away to a farmer friend of his.

I begrudgingly unpacked the box of dishes and decided that these plates were better than the 80's ugliness that smoldered in the cupboard. So we set these plates out. After trying them out, we actually like the size, weight and build of them. So we will use these as our plates for the time being. The three year-old son of our friends was particularly delighted with our table settings, so we have that to be happy about.

Am I being petty?


DEBI said...

What a funny funny post!!! You are a great writer. Certainly, they would make for great dinner conversation!!

I have ALL my plates from either goodwill or yard sales.....and I love them...

start there!!

Paige said...

Those are great plates- for the next White Elephant party someone will be pleased to take home the whole set.

Go get yourself some plain white plates. Please. Or I will take up a collection.

Nortorious said...

Rad. I love that it's the whole set.
You deserve nice plates. Surprised you didn't get at least plain ones on your Ikea excursion.

jen said...

wow! I had no idea that John Deere made plates sets! How funny! I totally would come over just to see these plates! ;) I love it. Don't worry. We only have 7 plates and they are ALL plastic. Nice, right?

Wendy said...

Not only did those plates (both sets) have any business being made but they had no business being bought either.

I'm with Paige & Nor, you deserve a set of nice white plates. They don't even have to be that nice - just white.

Sweetpea said...

That's funny because you should see our silverware!! lol I have bought some decent plates over the years, but I ALWAYS buy the cheapy silverware. My theory is that I need to have enough that actually match, for alot of people, for those rare occassions you need multuple sets. So I go cheap. We had an awesome set we got as a wedding gift, but they were way too expensive for a starving working/schooling couple to replace! Go get yourself some dishes, girl!

mamasuisse said...

Your dishes are truly hilarious . . . both sets. And you deserve a prize (maybe new dishes?) for putting up with them for so long.

And you're absolutely right. Your 80's plates could definitely make food taste bad.

mschenk said...

Okay, 1st - your friends' comments are almost as funny as your post!

2nd - Ray's farmer friend's wife would have felt like you do about the plates, consider keeping them your service project for the month.

3rd - I love that you post about randomness, it almost makes me feel like I am there with you!

4th - I think you should get square plates that match your fabric square in some way

5th - I love you and I miss you!

Andrew and Rachel said...

I am busting a gut laughing right now! Courtney! You NEED to talk to Santa a/b getting you some new plates!!! Linen's and Things is going out of you have one in Boise? You should just go! I'm serious! but what a great topic of conversation over dinner!

Megan said...

Aunt Courtney, welcome to the family. I can't believe that he actually has a set of John Deere plates. Let alone the ugly ones. It's pretty impressive. I would be willing to bet that you could probably find another family member who would love them though...and then you could get some nice ones for yourself. Anyway, I really couldn't stop laughing, because his reaction is completely typical of the Rice family! Hilarious!

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