Saturday, November 8, 2008

Don't Say Don't

Maddie and Tito

The joke's on me. I'm learning that you sure talk a lot as a mom, and as it turns out--even I've stopped listening to what I say!

I have been so dead-set against saying "no" to my daughter, worried she'll pick it up and scream it all the time. So instead of just telling her what we would like her to do in an attempt to redirect her, it seems I've taken up the old "We DON'T...(wah wah waaah wah wah)" (The adults in the old Peanuts cartoons are flashing before my mind.) Well, guess what Madeline has picked up?

The other day Maddie said "dooooon't" to me about something or other, and without realizing it, I said, "Maddie, don't say don't!" Ray was standing nearby and mimicked me in a funny voice, "Don't say don't!" I asked him if that was what I had just said, he said yes, and then we couldn't stop laughing for a looooooooong time.

I mean, really long. I'm laughing again as I write this! Oh, the joy.

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jen said...

that is hysterical. :) I think i can appreciate it, since Edana is at that exact same stage. We are realizing that she listens to EVERYTHING! Our big thing is distracting her from wanting to watch tv and "harry Potter" all day long.i need to start getting more creative. Maddie is such a doll, btw. larry and I were just 'aww-ing' over her. :)