Friday, November 14, 2008

The Best Recipe

One of my most favorite wedding gifts was from my friends Janell and Steve. Its a cookbook called The Best Recipe written by the editors of Cooks Illustrated Magazine. They're also the folks that do the TV show "America's Test Kitchen".

I love this book. It doesn't have a bunch of glossy food photos, so I think it doesn't draw people to it like other cookbooks do, but trust me--you don't need those. These guys tell you what the best recipe is for whatever you're wanting to cook and why. They try making a recipe a whole bunch of different ways in their test kitchen, and from those tell you why the recipe they printed is indeed the best. They explain that they tried making something with sour cream, but it turned out too dense. So when they tried using yogurt with some additional butter--it turned out perfectly. I love knowing the alternative to something without having to try it myself. I love how they bring the science of cooking in without going over your head. Bless you writers of this book. It really is fascinating to read.

I have proudly converted three known people to this cookbook. My most recent convert, Amy, borrowed mine for longer than she planned (much to my chagrin--apparently I use it more often than I realized) because she said she couldn't stop reading it. She finally returned it when I called her up and asked her to read a particular recipe to me over the phone. She read the recipe to me, but then the book showed up at my house about 10 minutes later. Relief.

Amy called me while she was standing in line at Costco today. "Courtney! The BOOK is HERE! Its only $21.95!!" That's a good deal, folks. I'm going to buy one tomorrow for somebody, and I would suggest you do the same. She asked, and I guess our Costco has 40 in stock, but have no more coming. So hurry!


mamasuisse said...

That sounds like a good one - it may even get me to go to Costco on a dreaded Saturday.

Janell said...

So glad to know that you still love your cookbook. I use it all the time and just gave another one away to a friend that was getting married. It's the BEST!

DEBI said...

Hi Sweetie!!!!

I am looking for more time to write you a properly long letter but wanted to say HIIIIIIII!!!

Your life looks beautiful!!

Trying to Stay Calm! said...
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Paige said...

So happy for you! But what's sad is my sister in law works at Cooks and sends me all their books/magazines, etc. and I've nary cracked a one because I'm not a good cook. My connection is wasted.

Becky said...

I love their stuff too, I just haven't found their books at garage sales yet! LOL