Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What if...?

That's how it all started. One was wanting the $1.99 plastic bag holder thingie from IKEA. What if we should make the 5-hour drive down sometime? What if we went without our kids? We would have to get husbands to agree...would they? And on the idea went.

What started as an idea of a little one-day getaway turned into a fabulously fun weekend. Our husbands all amazingly agreed to take on the kids alone. And we had a sisterhood-bonding weekend that was soooo nice--footless (er...footloose is what I meant!) and fancy-free.
Maddie wasn't taking "no" for an answer. She wanted to go with the girls!

Us in front of IKEA. We ate both breakfast and lunch there. The food in the cafe is as cheap as the merchandise!

Ah, yes. I couldn't leave until we took a photo in front of our inspiration for the trip in the first place--the plastic grocery bag holders.

And here's a better view, with Jill too (Melissa's mom). This little contraption can hold quite a few bags.

OK, so we told our husbands we were going down to the Women's Conference and were going to shop IKEA while we were there. The fact that it was pretty much the other way around doesn't really matter, does it?

Actually, the conference was great. President Uchtdorf said something very memorable: "In the end, the number of prayers we say may contribute to our happiness, but the number of prayers we answer may be of even greater importance". His whole talk was excellent, and so was all the music.

We look forward to getting away again. It might be an annual, or maybe semi-annual, event. It was well worth it. And we watched the latest "Sense and Sensibility". Have you seen it? Its good.


Sweetpea said...

How fun...I have done a couple of girls weekends...not enough of them! The quote by Elder Uchdorf (spelling?) was the only one I actually wrote down...I thought it was the best one of the night!

Wendy said...

That was a fun weekend. As much as I like that pink shirt I wore it sure does make me look wide. Oh well.

Abby O! said...

I LOVE IKEA! It's so awesome. Next time you come down to Utah County and are only 5 minutes from my house you better stop by! :D