Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Adoption Bliss

Ah, this is the life. I doubt our emotional celebration is going to end anytime soon, so just beware! Sometimes I can't believe its real and we've actually ADOPTED her!! There's no changing it!!! Nobody can come in and alter what's been done. Nobody, nobody, nobody. I really thought it would be less shocking than it has been. She's been with us a year, so you would think things wouldn't be much different. And they're not, in some ways. But in other ways they just are!! Its so fun and so miraculous and so exciting and so, so, so utterly joyful.

Every so often since the adoption I'll talk to Madeline about the fact that we adopted her. I'll say in a really excited voice, "Maddie, we adopted you and now we get to keep you forever!!!" Then I'll talk more about it, and about how it makes me feel. I usually clap my hands excitedly, and its so fun to see how she's really starting to get it. She gets excited too and starts clapping her hands. I know she's at least understanding the word because now even if I just say in a fairly calm tone that we adopted her, she lights up and claps her hands! So while it may not all connect for her now, at least she's learning to associate adoption with joy and excitement.

Have I mentioned before that Madeline is a total Daddy's Girl? She is so smitten with, and connected to, Ray. (And who can blame her?) They're like peas in a pod. Here are some cute pics of her wearing his socks, which she refused to take off!

Here's a rare one: Madeline being still. I love this thoughtful pose. I also love how so often she opts to wear hats.

What a joy she is in our lives! We love you, Maddie!!


Celia Fae said...

I like how she's chewing on a prescription pill bottle in one of the photos. You're a real mom.

I love hearing about Maddie and the transition to adoption. I feel like I'm almost there and I can hear the happiness in your voice. Your posts are my favorites.

Nortorious said...

Saw the adoption announcement and was proud to observe the Baby Bloom.
When do you get to be sealed?

Janell said...

I love the last picture and what a cute hat! Your announcement was very cute, too. Benj loves to put Steve's socks on his hands. Kids do such funny things.

Sweetpea said...

She is just adorable! Love the hat. Isn't it great being a mom? Kids do and say the funniest things ever, I swear! I'm happy you are sound overjoyed! I can imagine it's a different feeling being official...what a blessing.

jen said...

hooray! I'm so excited for you guys and your cute little family! I love all the photos of Maddie in Ray's socks very cute! Congrats!!!!