Thursday, November 29, 2007


You probably won't like the name (I didn't.) You probably won't like the looks (I didn't.) You proably won't like the loooong aisles (I didn't.) But once you shop there, you will like it. WinCo is one of the best parts about Idaho. Serious.Cheap prices, and bulk bins that never end, with even cheaper prices. WinCo's signature brand, "Flavorite", is decent as well. All in all, its the place to shop. They just opened a new location in our area, so everyone's especially excited.

Look: you can even buy your pet food in bulk! (OK--that grosses me out to have at the food store, but for some I'm sure its a convenience.)

I took a friend from Utah who was visiting to WinCo, and she couldn't get over how low the prices are. And while it may be a warehouse-type store, it doesn't have that warehouse feel that the one by Leatherby's did in Provo. BYU Grads: what was the name of that one grocery store? I forgot!

This is where I discovered my favorite Vinta Crackers--for the low low price of $1.98!
Long live WinCo!


Paige said...

Wasn't it Food for Less? I'm jealous of your WinCo. We just keep getting more "gourmet" markets like Whole Foods, which I call Whole Paycheck because that is what it takes to shop there.

Wendy said...

No I think it was Maceys. Which always confused me why they'd name their grocery store Maceys when there was a department store already called that (different spelling I know). I'm just wondering what people were thinking while you were taking those pics.

Courtney said...

I think Paige wins. Wendy, Maceys (yes, I agree they should NOT have named a food store that)was over on Freedom Blvd, wasn't it? Can anyone solve this?

Celia Fae said...

Food For Less.

Winco requires extra food touching.
1. put food in cart
2. take it out of cart and put on belt
3. (this is where they lose me) take food off of belt and put in bags.
4. put bags of food back in cart
5. put food in car
6. take food out of car
7. put food away

I guess it is okay. They are cheap. We have one here. Definitely avoid it at night.

mamasuisse said...

I don't know where Macey's is, but I think Reem's (another great grocery store name) was on Freedom Blvd, that funky round building with the wavy roof.

gab said...

I had to comment. I clicked over from Celia Fae's. Yes. It WAS Food For Less...I used to work right next door. Ahhhh....Provo in the 80's. Good times!

Sweetpea said...

My old boss called it WinIco...she can't say most words correctly, so in memory of her I always call it that, too. I love much cheaper than Fred Meyer or Safeway. Kind of yucky inside...well not so much now that we have a new one.