Monday, November 26, 2007


Black Friday. Check out Wendy's blog to find out why we go (this was out second annual outing). One thing that Wendy didn't mention is that it is a great time to find things you've been needing for your home at excellent prices. I am somewhat of a cheapskate and really only like to spend money on deals. So while others are there merely for Christmas presents, I am out there for home items that I've been needing. My best purchase was a Chicago Cutlery knife set for $40, originally $90! Cutting has never been so nice.

This is outside Target. You probably can't see the news van in the background, but its there.
Look: the mists of darkness that BF is, actually captured on film!

Look at our great front row spot at the mall! Its happened two years in a row now.Anyway, here's my favorite story from that morning. We eventually found ourselves at Mervyns--our fifth store that morning. I found the Christmas present for my sister in law that I had gone there for and proceeded to the jewelry counter. That's where I always try to buy things in those types of stores, as there is never a wait. It doesn't have to be jewelry for them to ring it up.The girl behind the counter was calling "71? 71?" really loudly. So I asked her where to get a number. She pointed behind me and asked me what number it was. I told her "78" and she said, "OK--there must be people that have these other numbers." No one responded to 71, so she began calling 72. I looked around me and saw only 2 customers at the counter, both of whom do not appear to be ready to purchase. She then called out 73 and waited a little less time. Then 74 and waited even less time, but she still waited. I told her I liked her style as she sped up her calling out of numbers. Then 75, 76 and 77 while we both looked around, waiting for someone to run up saying that that was their number. Nobody came. Finally, she called out "78" (not loudly, but she still called it out! :) and I stepped forward with my clothing purchase and handed it to her. She said, "I'm sorry, ma'am, but do you have a jewelry purchase as well?" When I said "no", she said she couldn't ring up my purchase. I began laughing out loud as I went to find a different register, wondering in the meantime what that girl was going to do with her free time behind the jewelry counter!

After coming home from that early-morning adventure, do you think I slept? Nope--I raked the backyard! Just look at the piles!


Paige said...

Anyone who takes a picture of a parking spot is a friend of mine. That's the true Christmas miracle.

Wendy said...

Nice piles. Wow you've got a lot of leaves.

Celia Fae said...

Court, I can't believe that story! Why didn't you fight the jewelry lady? C'mon, it would have been awesome.

Tell Ray you want those knives for xmas. He'll be so happy. My husband would be. Household items mean true love.

mamasuisse said...

You should have just added an expensive piece of jewelry to your purchases, fooled the lady into thinking she'd get a hefty commission, and then returned it later. It would have served her right.

janelle said...

The lady can just be glad Jocie wasn't there. She would have taken her down, Christmas spirit and all. I love your piles of leaves. I can just picture all the raking you had to do. Did it take you all day?