Thursday, December 6, 2007

McCall, Idaho

Have you heard of it? It is beautiful. McCall is located two hours north of Boise by Payette Lake. We try to get up there several times a year. Ray had some work he needed to do there so I tagged along with him and stayed two nights. We got to bring "Amelia" (the same foster baby we have had for 10 weeks) along with us and it was so fun! It snowed about 18-20" while we were there. Here are some pics from our hotel room.

Ray had to work early in the morning moving equipment in a bank so they could re-carpet, and then move it all back late that evening. So we had all day to find ways to spend the time. I iceskated at the rink overlooking the lake while Ray held Amelia. I didn't fall once, though I only made it around the rink about 8 times before my legs started to wobble from pure fatigue!! How sad that I am such a wimp. Notice the lake in the background.
All of our cutest pictures taken that day were of Amelia. I wish I could post them--she was so happy and smiling! Maybe someday...

For today, here she is pictured wearing her snowsuit by the lake and touching snow for the first time.

And here she is wearing her beret in the ice rink. She has some cute hats!


Wendy said...

It is too bad that no one can see Elise cause she's so dang cute. How sad that I didn't even know that you had gone to McCall. It looks so pretty with all the snow.

Bridget said...

Hi Courtney- I think I know you. Did you grown up in the bay area? I am from Walnut Creek and I think you were in my stake? My brother's name is Wade. For some reason I think you were his age...does this ring a bell? I had found Paige and Celia through blogging- they were from Danville and I knew of them from girls camp.

Celia Fae said...

Bridget is Wade's sister. Bizarre and smallish world.

I'm glad you posted and I wish you would post more. You've had Amelia 10 weeks? That is long.

janelle said...

Is Elise an alias for little Amelia? I'd love to see her! I haven't been ice skating in forever. Ice skates and snow boots are both murder on the ankles. But fun!