Thursday, April 16, 2009


36 years ago. Age 2.

Now. Age 38.

I had a happy birthday yesterday. (This picture is actually from my mom's birthday a few weeks previous, but I couldn't be looking happier, so I used it. Leave it to me to explain everything.) Anyway, though it is difficult to be only two years away from the big 4-0, I'm trying to look at the bright side. I mean, hey, look at all the wisdom that comes with age!! (Yeah.)

Anyway, I was happy because of all the well-wishers. If you want to feel popular and loved, join Facebook and enter your birthday. I don't know how many Happy Birthdays I got via fb, but I felt remembered and loved! I don't think I've wished one person Happy Birthday on fb yet, so I need to get on that!
I was happy when my friend, Tracy, called me up the night before and asked if she could watch Maddie for me on my birthday for as long as I wanted. (Tracy really gets it.) Incidentally, I was sad when Maddie woke up with a runny nose because, a) she was sick :( and b) I could no longer take her to Tracy's, lest her baby get our germs! But in the end, we ended having a lot of fun playing of course. As always!

I was happy when my beloved came home early from work (a rare occurence) and brought me this beautiful bouquet.

I was happy when Melissa (top middle) still wanted to watch Maddie in the afternoon, even with the runny nose.

I was happy again when Ray took me to see a movie. I wasn't happy when my choice of films turned out not-so-great. Ray had predicted it (how does he always know??), but it was my birthday after (lousy) choice.

I was so happy when we went to try this new Brazilian restaurant, Tucanos. It was so good. It actually made up for the movie and then some. It's fun and different, you've got CHOICES, and it's just plain tasty.

And now a word about tulips. They make me so happy. How fortunate I am that I was born right around the time that they bloom every year. It's like nature's birthday gift to me every April. They are such a beautiful, noble and still flower. Clean, simple lines. Short-living, but while they live they really pack a punch to my soul. They are a gift from God to the world, these flowers.


debi said...

What a sweet post. You are a lucky and thankful person. I loved all the photos!!

Wendy said...

Fun post. Where'd you get that top photo? I've never seen it before. Loved the pic of Spence, Mel and fam. AND I'm so glad you had a happy birthday!!

Andrew and Rachel said...

Happy Birthday, Court! I loved reading your post! I love that you said your friend Tracy "gets it"! And that Melissa does too--once you have a couple--runny noses aren't such a big deal--but with the first they totally are! You'll find out when Maddie has a bro or sis!

Abby O! said...

Happy birthday Court! I'm so glad that it was such a good day! We have Tucano's in Provo and I love that place, best way to make up for a crappy movie for sure! Loves!