Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"Happy Two You"

The title to this post is Madeline's version of the Happy Birthday song. We have a lot of spring birthdays among our friends and family, so she has really gotten to know this song and sings it all the time around the house. Today, finally, it was sung for her.

As one of her gifts, I decided that I would allow her to do every she possibly wanted today (within reason). Maddie always wants to do so much that on an average day we really just can't fit it all in. Well, today we did a lot, and we had fun.

This was the first birthday we got to celebrate with Maddie as her parents, and it felt good. We will see her birth mother this weekend, and we had a big family celebration on Sunday (see video clips at the end), but today it was just the three of us.

When Ray got home from work we decided to pick up some food and picnic at a park.

And here she waits in anticipation for the balloons we then went and got for her at the dollar store.

I opted for the cute green balloon with flowers, so of course Ray had to get her a second one of his choosing! I think so far she has played with them equally!

Chillin like a villian once we got back home. It was a fun and low-key day, which I loved!

Maddie blowing out her candles.

Just some of her 38?ish cousins celebrating with her.


jen said...

What fun!! I love how much our little girls are alike! I love the videos you put up! Happy birthday to you Maddie!!

Wendy said...

Love the videos. Those were fun to watch. Although I could do without hearing my nasaly, throaty voice.

Andrew and Rachel said...

That was so awesome! I got a little teary when I watched Ray holding her and helping her blow out her candles! Stop me! Happy birthday, Maddie!

mamasuisse said...

Wow, how'd she get to be two so quick! She sure is getting big - and just as cute as ever.

C & M said...

Hey! How are you guys? Your little Maddie is still cute as ever!