Wednesday, March 11, 2009

These Days

...I am finally starting to be able to breathe while teaching the Gospel Doctrine class at church! Whoah--talk about scary. Talk about perspiration (not so much now, but those first few weeks! Man oh manny.) Consider following in the footsteps of a former member of the Stake Presidency and our previous Bishop--both excellent teachers--and you'll really get what I am dealing with here! So, what, you thought they only called gospel scholars to this position? Nope. But don't try to become one once they've called you--you'll only feel guilty that you're not studying the lesson! (Other causes of guilt include blogging, TV, and well, anything really that isn't part of preparing the lesson.)

And did you know?? There's this whole world of "couponing" out there that I never even knew existed. There are people out there who make an art of this activity. All I know is a few weeks ago, my friend, Amy, called me up and asked if I wanted to go get some free Progresso soup with her at Albertsons? Well, can any of us turn down 'free'? Especially from overpriced-Albertsons?? I thought not. Driving home with my free soup, I realized I was becoming hooked.

I'm learning there's an art to this business of saving money, and while I'm not going completely hog wild with it, I appreciate the tips I'm receiving. I have four people's blogs posted here on my right sidebar, each of which send multiple tips daily on what deals are out there. So really, I'm letting them do all the work, and I am reaping the rewards in the things I am interested in.

And then there's sugar. Yeah--I'm trying to quit. The refined kind, that is. It was when, last week, I had several incidents in a row of ODing on sweets and soon thereafter came across an article on sugar addiction, I knew something had to change. At that point I also had the desire to change as well, which helps 'cause I don't have that desire often. Wish me luck. So far, sugarless gum is helping. And I'm actually eating fruit again!

Alright--one more thing that I realize is a bit 'weirdo'. I've also quit milk. I eat cheese and yogurt, and have milk in cooking, but I cannot, for the life of me, drink a glass of the stuff. I stumbled across some literature that totally put me off milk. If you're wanting to quit milk, let me know and I can forward you the link to the article. Yuck. And Silk is so not as bad as I thought it might be. I've also heard Almond Breeze (almond milk) is not bad either.

Do you think I am extreme? You might be right.


Janell said...

Good luck with the sugar. In my book group we just read a cookbook called Nourishing Traditions in which the author is against sugar, flour, and milk. She is totally for raw milk which I can't do but apparently homogenization and pasteurization are evil.

Also I made your bread this week, very yummy and easy and Steve made your chocolate cookies tonight. They didn't turn out how I remember but are still good.

mamasuisse said...

Good luck with the sugar. I'm a major sugar addict, too, and am going on two weeks sugar-free right now. I've pretty much decided that I have to treat myself like an alcoholic where sugar is concerned.