Saturday, March 7, 2009

Hold On To Your Seat...

If you are my family member or friend who talks to me occasionally or daily, you may know that I have had a little "problem". I just wasn't quite making it on my 600 minute/month cell phone plan, and I have had to cut more than a few people off on the phone because of it.

Ray and I never felt the need for a land line when we were both working outside the home. Now that I'm working in the home, an extra bill doesn't feel like what we've needed either. Add to that Ray's dislike of signing yet another contract with a cell company to get a better plan, and I've really been in a quandry.

I love keeping up with old friends, but I've never loved spending hours on the phone (long live blogging and Facebook! Keeping up has never been easier!). Long phone calls are good to analyze events or for friend-therapy sessions, but otherwise I don't generally thinking of myself as a "phone gabber".

But when you take into account that it is my number on the ward/stake list, as well as doctors and dentists phone calls, blah blah blah, I really have had to watch closely to make sure I stayed to my minutes. I really could be quite rude and abrupt in that last week of the billing cycle. I even went so far once as to accept the offer of my dear friend, Ann, to utilize her cell phone for a week or so, since she didn't use her cell phone that often!

BUT, NO MORE!!!! Call me all you want, and I will do the same. My cell phone company just offered me their "Customer Loyalty" plan and for only $3 more a month, I now get unlimited calling, anytime!!! I feel like I've come of age, and am a whole and normal person once again. Seriously, having to watch your minutes is so yesterday, isn't it??


Wendy said...

Hallulujah! Hallulujah! Now I can actually call you from my home phone and not feel guilty. No more emailing so I didn't use up your precious minutes. No more avoiding phone calls and listening to the messages and then making me do the call tagging. This is very exciting for all!

Andrew and Rachel said...

DREAM!!!! That's such great news...I remember a WHILE ago-when we just moved out here having to not call b/c of those silly limits! Congrats on the unlimitedness!