Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Waiting Game

I have not given an update on our hopeful adoption of Amelia. Incidentally, I have continued to call her by her assumed name, Amelia, on this blog because of the possibility that we might change her name. I'm just trying to keep it simple.

But back to the adoption. In short, we are still waiting. I'm not even sure of all the details, but we are waiting for them to track down the biological father (who we think still lives locally, but they weren't sure of his current address.) We are waiting for him to be found and hope that he will choose to sign away his parental rights. He does know of Amelia's existence, which is a good thing in our minds. We have no idea how much longer this process will take. It continues to be a huge trial of our faith, and we are hoping that the trial grows short quickly! But we're hanging on.

Amelia loves her reflection. Here are some pictures of her enjoying it--taken while I was enjoying her very big belly! She is so much fun.


Wendy said...

She is so cute. We're counting down the days when it can all be official. We're always praying for you guys!

mschenk said...

i love you! i have been thinking about you and this adoption process often! praying for you... and missing you and your baby!