Friday, July 18, 2008

A Fun Visit

Ben and Tasha and their kids just came and spent a week with our family who all live in the area. We had a great time with them. Much to Ray's chagrin we went ahead and took another family photo, just because it was so novel to be all together again. (Nevermind that we were just together in Reno in May. And took a picture then. But we didn't have a sign for Chase in that photo!)

Ben and Tasha own and run a cool online vinyl lettering business. Check it out here:

We did a lot of fun things together, but of course the best part was the late-night talks. As often happens with those talks, random subjects were covered. For example, I learned that Ben and I fall asleep exactly the same. We both start by lying on our back, then turn onto the right side--facing our spouse--for awhile, and then finally end up on the left side to fall asleep!

I also won't quickly forget the story Ben told of a time when he was a flower delivery guy in the Bay Area, long ago. He was waiting to pull out into traffic from a side street when a man opened the passenger door of Ben's delivery truck, got in and said, "Take me to Baht [translate: BART]. Must get home. Very sick." So Ben went ahead and took him. To this day he is not sure if the guy thought he was a cab driver or what, though he did not pay Ben upon arrival at the BART station. Sooo funny.

We love you guys and can't wait until you live closer!!

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