Friday, May 30, 2008

A Word of Caution

I've always thought babies try doing new things once or twice and then think about it, then try again later until they finally get something. And then as they master whatever it is they might be learning, they eventually get faster or better or more comfortable. Right??Not "Amelia". The only thing she appears to be cautious about so far is about what we might be trying to put in her mouth (food, medecine, teething gel).
She's not cautious when approaching animals, namely dogs. She crawls right up to them at parks. The other day she chased our poor friends' dog, Sandy, around the living room until Sandy didn't know WHAT to do and finally had to be sent into her kennel.
She's not cautious when learning to walk. She doesn't just take a step or two and then pause. She takes as many as she can and goes as far as she can go before falling to the ground.

And finally, she's not cautious about learning to drink from a cup. Tonight in the bathtub she was downing glasses of bathwater (oh, yum; and is she getting too much salt in her diet?) with a little shot-type cup as well as a 46 oz. Target cup. It made no difference to her that she was completely gagging on it while it also went down her nose and into her eyes--she was having a blast!

She's a little daredevil! And just so totally cute!


mschenk said...

okay, so your baby is DARLING! happy you! :-) i need you to help me blog, i am having some drama. :-)

Nortorious said...

My Miranda does the same thing with dogs. She's fearless, even when they're scary animals.

mschenk said...

okay, so i found the unneccessary qoutation marks page and think it is funny . . . but i still like the one about passive aggressive better.

Wendy said...

Hey - the other day you said that I haven't been blogging lately, so I thought you were all over it and had some new posts - and look what I found - an old one. You really need to update. :)