Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Ode To Wendy On Her Birthday

In true Greenbaum fashion, here is an ode to my little sister, Wendy, on her Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Wendy!!!

First, let's honor her with some photos.

Then (age 4, I think):

Then (age 6, I think. Wow--from blonde to brunette in 2 years!):

Now (blue sweater):

Wendy, Wendy, you're my sis.
How many years 'til you're 36?
Four more, four more, that's how many,
But by then I will be 40!

Wendy is a sweet, little dear.
She makes friends both far and near.
She would never hurt a fly.
Only spiders...they must die!

Salmon, garlic spaghetti, and a salad,
All these things are good on my palate.
Wendy sure can cook this meal.
Call her, visit her, she's the real deal!

I love you, Wendy!


Wendy said...

Oh Courtney you're so funny. I love the poem. And I was laughing at the top picture of me in that oh-so 70s shirt with the butterfly collar. Thanks for honoring me on my b-day. Sure love ya!

Paige said...

Courtney, that is so nice! And the poem was great.

janelle said...

After Paige and Celia I'm worried that people are tracking me on their blogs, so here I am! I talked to Janell last night and she said she had fun visiting you last weekend. We talked about Phantom Ray (I got there too late two summers ago and then he left early). It would be fun to meet him sometime and to see you again too. Oh, and happy birthday Wendy! The poem was great Courtney - it had good rhythm.

Nortorious said...

Wendy, I saw your site before this one. Excellent sister ode.
Will you please list your presents tomorrow?

Celia Fae said...

Dear Courtney, did your sister like her honored birthday? I loved the poem. Isn't it fun to play with words again? I forgot you were a word person too.

Your comment on my Claire post today made my day. It made me feel that what I wrote helped someone else and I am glad it was you. Thanks.

Wendy said...

You've been tagged Court. Go check out my blog for more instruction.