Monday, September 6, 2010

Something You Just Don't See Everyday

Driving home we saw this fun-looking group a few blocks away from our house. Maddie said "Ponys, Mom!!!" We saw them in a place we couldn't easily stop so we went on home, but you can bet I was laughing the whole way.
After parking the car we sat on the front step, hoping against hope that this girl would walk her dogs past our house. Wouldn't you know it, luck was on our side that day! [I would claim it was for Maddie, but we all know I was just as excited as she was to get another look.]
When I knowingly asked if she was bringing her dogs home from the fair, she said, no, she just did it for fun. She had entered them in some beauty contest, but they didn't win. Bet they would have if Maddie or I had been judge.
Questions that crossed my mind as I watched them walk away: Do these poodles think much about what they look like? What do the two black dogs think of it? Are they all just color blind anyway, and don't really care? How far has this girl walked today, and how many people will have stopped her in the end?


Suzi Q said...

ahhhhh i miss you! SHE IS SO BIG. holy cow. i am typing one handed so ill keep this short and write more later.

mschenk said...

LOL - yes. that was definitely blogable. Good job with going to get the camera. You know what I love about blogs? 25 years from now we'll sit around and be like "oh yeah, I forgot about the poodles!" it's like a photo journal. if i had the guts to be more honest and write about real things then i would have an actual journal to read years from now. either way, it'll be a lot of good memories!