Sunday, November 1, 2009

Who's Who & What's What

Did anyone else have a Who's Who in their Junior High Yearbook? You know--like Best Hair, Best Smile, Best Personality, Biggest Flirts? I did. (I'm just now wondering, as I look back on my 8th Grade Year, who it was that decided Who was Who, and what they based it upon?)

I just got back from a trip to the Bay Area, and in honor of the Monte Vista 20 Year Reunion--the main purpose of the trip--and Memory Lane, I will document my trip in Who's Who and What's What.

Best Addition to our trip: Aunt Caroline. She decided to come right before we left and joined up with us in Reno.

Cutest Passenger: Madeline

Biggest Sport: My Mom, travelling when she wasn't feeling the best. So glad she came!

Best Co-Driver:Wendy. OK, she was the only co-driver. But still!

Best Eyes: Maddie and Maria

Best Photo Sequence of Cutest Passenger:

(This last pic is really to die for.)

Best Beach Picture: Muir Beach

Runner up Best Beach Pic.

Best Oldest Friends I saw:Valerie and Joanna. (Just don't look at this pic of me! Yuck. I had to antique it to help it.)

Best Instant Friends:Maria and Maddie

Most Fun Cousin who joined us for the day:Romney (black shirt)

Funniest & Scariest Memory:
1125 Nielson Street. Albany. Visiting the house my mom and aunt grew up in from ages 0-10, and being taken on a tour of the inside by the current residents. We saw every room!Driving up Marin Street to the top of the Berkeley hills. And I mean, The Top. So scary. Here we are at 15 The Crescent. (Don't try to leave out the "The". I've tried.) Again, we toured.

Best Joiner of Reunion Festivities at my coaxing:Sheri (middle). So glad she came.

Best Part of the Reunion:
Being responsible for gathering this many Stone Valley School alumni at the reunion and getting a picture. Who cares about high school? For me, the best part was seeing all these people who I went to school with from 2nd--8th grade!!! They are the ones I remember and love the most.

Most Adaptable: Greenbomb family. (Pictured here: Celia and Pam. Read funny story behind this pic I stole here.) We tried and tried to find a time to visit these folks, but kept changing things on them. They agreed to us coming by for a bit one afternoon. AND even served us the dessert they were going to give us that night, right then at 3:45! It was so yummy too! Thank you, Pam!

Best Hostesses:
Anne, Kim and Maria

Best Smile:Carma Gaggero (far right)

Zaniest Uncle Visited: Uncle Gus


Abby O! said...

Oh my gosh! You guys look like you had SO much fun! I love trips like that, so wonderful! Someday I'll make a vye for a "best of" spot on one of your trips! ;)

Wendy said...

Very creative Court. Thanks for giving me best co-driver. I was really hoping for cutest passenger, but Maddie takes that one by far. She did such a great job on the trip.

jen said...

What fun! Little Maddie has so much hair! I love that she has such cute curls!
I really do wonder who came up with who's who...I think one year, I remember people passing out a "ballot" of this and the only people listed on there were all of the popular kids of the school.
I'm so glad I'm out of that stage.

Ashley said...

What a fun trip! I wish I could have been there to visit the Eyring homes! Romney told me about it all. I am sending you the link to my blog too. Now we can keep in better touch! Love, your cousin

agung bintoro said...

hi ....nice blog and i'm so jelaus to see your family.varey nice trips too