Monday, July 27, 2009

A First

After a few years of wondering, yesterday was my big chance. I accompanied the congregation on the organ during Sacrament Meeting at church. It was so fun! I was just subbing, but would readily do it in the future if asked. What a cool thing. I sent sweet thoughts to friends who have accompanied in the past (that's you, Ann and Suzi!) and feel like I'm in your club now. The organ players club.

You might think I didn't know how to play the organ! Well, I don't!
A few weeks ago our current ward organist, Jenn, invited anyone interested to come have a lesson. So I went on Thursday night and she showed me the ropes, and while there she asked if I would sub for her on Sunday! I felt a bit duped, thinking I had just come for a lesson, but she explained that she had someone else lined up to sub but they were no longer able to. And she had asked about four others already who couldn't do it. So I hesitantly accepted.

Here's the secret. I learned that our Church has a deal with an organ company that sets it so that at the push of a few buttons, you can play the organ pretty much like a piano (but it still sounds like the organ)! So you don't have to worry about foot pedals or anything. You just push the Bass Coupler button and a few others and VOILA! It's AWESOME! It's such a beautiful, powerful and versatile instrument, and now even rookies like me can play, much to the chagrin of real organ players no doubt! But we all start somewhere, right??

With my new "skill", I wonder if I might someday play this organ! There's always hope! Ha ha.


jen said...

that is awesome! I wish I could have been there to witness that awesome event! I've always wanted to play the organ but the first time I sat down at one, I stood right back up after seeing all of those buttons and pedals. It was an intense moment for me. Good for you!

Sherry said... crack me up. I know some Sunday morning I'm going to turn on "A Spoken Word" and see you accompanying the mo-tab choir.

Andrew and Rachel said...

Thanks for the tip, Court....I just filled in for someone a few weeks ago and boy was I brought back to the days of doing it in the singles's scary up there--but something I TOTALLY love doing! Can't wait to hear you at Temple Square.

KSHammond said...

I feel so honored! hhahah! I really didn't love playing to at all. Sad eh? I enjoyed the experience and now appreciate it more! I'm glad your having fun.