Friday, May 29, 2009

Baby Bouncies

On Memorial Day our family got the idea to play a game of Kickball. The full feeling of nostalgia did not come over me until I heard Spencer call this out on the first serve of the game: "Ollie, do you want baby bouncies?" Then, of course, I could not stop laughing the rest of the game. How is it that I once found that phrase so normal and commonplace?!

Apparently kickball has made a comeback with those of us who once enjoyed it so thoroughly on the playground. Check out this great article on kickball and other sports of yore (dodgeball, whiffle ball, four square).

Next I need to Google the bars, because I would like to know if kids are still doing these tricks: Cherry Drop, Lemon Drop, and Dead Man's Drop. I was so good at those. I'll never forget mastering the Dead Man's Drop from the high bar! What a feeling!

Ch. Baby bouncies! That is just too cute.


Paige said...

Just ask a second grader. i'll ask mine about the cherry drop. baby bouncies is awesome

Wendy said...

Ooh, I haven't thought of cherry drops for ages. I was never good at those. I had the guts to try a cherry drop once and I landed right on my face and went home early with a fat lip.

Sweetpea said...

That is awesome! I took the kids to the school playground one evening to play, and I was trying to teach Bailey and Spencer the cherry drop and death drop...I was an expert in my day! I can barely get my leg up onto the lowest bar!! So much fun those days were! :o)