Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy Birthday, Amelia!

Amelia turned 1 on Tuesday! It was very exciting and there was much celebration in our family. We held a party at Chuck E. Cheese's (not my first choice of places to hang out, but was a suitable neutral location) with Amelia's birth mom and family and our family. It turned out pretty well. We also took her to the zoo! Here are some pics--sorry I have to blur her sweet face!

She was quite the brave one riding the monster truck. There wasn't an ounce of fear in her little body as she rode, often holding on with only one hand. My nervousness was enough for both of us. The girl's a little dare devil!

On a more philosophical note, I've been wondering why we sigh with relief when babies finally turn 1.

Is it because they can now drink cow's milk?

Last month at our playgroup I saw one of the moms feeding cow's milk to her 9 month-old. "Yes," she said, "I've started her early", looking semi-guilty. (She's the same mom who told us at yesterday's group, with the same sort-of-guilty shrug, that she also shares her Frappacinos with her baby!)

Is it because babies can now eat honey?

A few weeks ago someone told me that their relative, in line with our mothers and grandmothers, still dips her babies' pacifiers in honey before giving it to them, long BEFORE they are 1!

Did I pass judgement on these mothers? At first, yes, because the two above-named rules are such ingrained no-no's for me. And while I draw the line at Frappacinos, are there other ways that are OK and work? Yes. Moms have been raising babies for thousands of years, and while we can't ignore experiences and studies of others, amidst all of that we need to eventually pave our own way. Don't we?

The longer I parent, the more it becomes clear. The rules that you read about or think most people follow are not necessarily "rules". People do what they want, how they want in raising their kids. We should take what we hear that has worked and then try other things for ourselves (within reason) to become our own style of parent, whatever that may be.

That's what I think, anyway.

One last thing. I went in to check on Amelia before going to bed a few weeks ago. It warmed my heart to see her lift her sleeping head groggily and pat the mattress all around her, in search for her binky! As I helped her out, I was amazed to realize that this is a trait that comes with us--and not something we learn. Who'dve thunk!?

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Wendy said...

Happy Birthday A!! Thanks for inviting us to your party. We're so happy that you're a part of our family. Thanks for making me laugh tonight by saying "tickle, tickle, tickle" in your cute baby way. We love you!!