Friday, March 21, 2008


Do you sometimes get bloggers block? I did. For quite awhile. I haven't posted anything for 8 weeks, for no good reason. Maybe I just haven't felt like I've had anything clever to talk about. Or maybe its because my sign on user name and password are both way too long. Or maybe its because I really just want to post about "Amelia", but can't freely. Who knows. Here's what I've been up to...

First, we still have Amelia with us. On Saturday she will be 11 months-old, so that will mean that we have had her for six months. We have a justifiable hope that we won't have to say goodbye to her for awhile (YEAAAAAA for us!!!!!!!!), but more on that in May. No sooner.

It has been so fun to watch Amelia hit the various developmental milestones that babies reach. She got her two bottom teeth in December, and her two top teeth were not far behind. Just kidding. Those are actually two pieces of rice that landed there just like that, so I luckily was able to capture it. Ray's mouth dropped open when he came home and I showed him this photo, explaining that Amelia's two top teeth grew in over night! It was funny!

Amelia has also gotten very proficient at crawling in this past month, and has just started crawling to other rooms where we are not. There goes the old strategy. I've learned that you don't get too comfortable in parenting. Nothing stays the same. When you finally get into a good pattern (napping, feeding, you name it--where you feel like you can read them and they you) suddenly the baby says "No way. Now I want it this way...!" Wow. Who knew? These are things I didn't hear about before. If I heard, I didn't listen. Dang it! :)

Here she is discovering her shadow.

I "spraypainted" her face out in these next photos with Paint in order to show off her cute outfit with boots and ears. Forget the outfit though--what a total cutie pie. She's always smiling or laughing. She is so enthusiastic about whatever we're doing. She is thoroughly delighted with every visitor we have, any age, and is a total people-person.

Here is an irresistable one of her with the binky in upside down. I don't know why but it never fails to make me laugh, especially when she turns it upside down intentionally.
Here's the new "rig" (as they call them here in ID) that I drive. Its one of Ray's dream vehicles, and he drove it for the last month, but now I "get" to drive it because I drive about 1/10 the miles that he does each day. Gas conservation. Lucky me. No, its actually really nice, but I am such a fan of the smaller vehicles. Ones where you don't have to plan in advance where you'll park or how you'll get out of the parking space. Ones that also conserve fuel. You know? I guess I am just grateful I have something to drive.

This past month we also said goodbye to an old friend: Ray's '56 Corvette. I've always liked this one of his collection of cars, but nothing lasts forever, does it? Here are some pictures of it:

Some guy in Virginia is driving it right now!

In August I read an Ensign article about Family Search Indexing (here's the link).

I wanted to sign up to do it then, but finally did only this month. Its basically data entry of old census records and the like. You see the actual record on your computer and then type the info in. Its easy--except when you can't read the old fashioned handwriting. But it does feel nice to feel like I'm doing something to help with family history, since I basically slack on it in most other ways.

Here is the link if you want to check it out.

I'm going on my third week of being sick. Poor Amelia had it and passed it to me. Now I get it when I hear parents moan about how hard it is to be sick when you have little ones to take care of. Its so hard!!! Anyway, I feel pretty miserable and am surprised at how long its hanging on. So my parting words are these: Take care of yourself because you don't what want I have!!


Wendy said...

Amelia is so cute and we sure hope it all works out cause we just love her. I can't believe how long you've been sick. Its quite crazy. Hopefully you'll be getting over it soon cause it is hard to be the mom and be sick.

mamasuisse said...

I love Amelia's "teeth." What a lucky shot! It's always good to keep the camera handy for moments like those.

I started indexing last summer, too. It's addictive, isn't it! I posted in September about running across 2 mormon missionaries lodging with a family in a census record. It was so cool, but no one else seemed to as excited about it as I did. But if you're indexing, you'll appreciate it.

Courtney said...

Oooh. That is neat, Susan--about the missionaries. But how did you know? Was it a census? Did it list that as their occupation? I'll have to go read your Sept post.

I find myself wondering about these people and their situations. Like this one family I just entered: the couple had about six kids and then a whole bunch of male boarders listed on the census as well. Of course I wondered which of the boarders ended up with the oldest, single daughter. You know one them had to. It is so cool indexing. I do love it!!

Anonymous said...
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mamasuisse said...

I'd love to have you stop by when you're in town!

Nortorious said...

Beautiful car, it's sad to see them go. You'll miss it.
But that baby, how freakin cute! I want to cuddle her in her little jacket.
Can you bring that kid to california?

mamasuisse said...

Courtney, it was so fun to see you guys today and to be able to meet Amelia. She's darling with her big beautiful blue eyes. Come back in May if you can - you're welcome to stay with us.

Stephen said...

Glad your back! It was fun to see you and Amelia recently. Hope your trip home was good. I also started indexing about a month ago, but have only had time to do two batches. My reading old fashioned handwriting course in college has helped decipher the crazy handwriting. I only wish I had kept the book from the course!